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Welcome to the AHLL All Star Page

The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of the All Star experience including commitments, expectations and responsibilities.  As a player, you have been chosen to represent AHLL and this is a great honor.  Congratulations to the parents and coaches.  AHLL is proud of everyone’s success.


Families will be asked to contribute a fee towards All-Star expenses to pay for uniforms/practice gear, permits, umpire dues, District 30 fees, post season tournament play.


TBD (coming soon)


At the time of All Star voting, please bring your completed player information packets.  This includes medical information sheet, concussion sheet, and sudden cardiac arrest sheet.  Once voting is completed, please provide your players packet to the respective All-Star coach.  The Player agent will be there to help coordinate remaining forms and explain the certification process.  Managers selected must also complete the required certifications (Concussion, Child Abuse Awareness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest) and present copies to District 30.  


All-Star players will receive official AHLL All-Star uniform (hat, jersey and socks), practice shirt, swag bag, and All-Star medal


Parents will be contacted by AHLL Representative after voting is completed.  We will ask the following questions:

-Are you and your player available to play?  Do you have conflicts like a planned vacation?  All Stars run end of May/ beginning of June starting with practices. Practices and scrimmages start at the end of the regular season with tournament games usually starting the second half of June. Basically each weekend until your team is eliminated.  Play stops first two weeks of July but then resumes should you advance. 
-Will you commit to the team?  We want to build a great All-Star team but don't have a lot of time. Attending all practices/ games is critical for this to happen.
-Provide your player uniform/ hat sizes. Double check last name spelling and give jersey number choices (first, second and third choice)
-Agree to the fee ($100) for All Star gear/administrative costs.
-Brief description of school certification process for District 30 player verification.
-You may choose to accept an All-Star nomination at the time of call.   


Practice times and dates will be provided by the Manager of each team.

Game schedules to be determined by District 30.


Below is a list of forms and links that must be completed and submitted to the District 30 office.  

Most of these forms should have been completed at the time of registration!

The Player Agent will coordinate with the Managers of each All Star team for collection of these documents. 

One requirement will be the physical copy of the player’s birth certificate.  Yes, the original birth certificate, not a copy or picture. District 30/ Little League International needs this for age verification.  We understand how valuable this document is and we at AHLL place equitable value on keeping it safe.

School enrollment form:


Medical release form (same form provided at start of season – can get from other coaches at season conclusion):


Tournament player verification:


CDC Heads Up Concussion sheet:


CDC Coaches Training for Concussion.  Complete Course and download/ print certificate of completion:


Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fact Sheet for Parents and Athletes:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Please fill out and complete the school enrollment form, the tournament player verification form, and bring your child’s birth certificate to each of your player’s manager.  The Heads Up Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fact Sheet for Parents and Athletes forms are also required for each All Star applicant.  These should have been completed at the beginning of the season.    Coaches will be required to complete the CDC Coaches Training for Concussion Course.  Please download/ print certificate of completion.  This is a mandatory requirement for All Star Coaches.


If your primary residence is outside of the AHLL District (League Finder - Little League ), then residency verification will need three (3) additional supporting documents for the applicant packet.

Residence shall be established and supported by documents, dated or in force between February 1, 2021 (previous year) and February 1, 2022 (current year).  Three (3) or more of the following categories determine residency of such parent(s) or guardian.  Please note that various/ multiple utility bills only count as one (1) document. 

Approved supporting documents:

Driver’s license

Voter’s registration

School records

Welfare/child care records

Federal records

State records

Local records

Support payment records

Homeowner or tenant records

Utility bills (i.e. gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)

Financial (loan, credit, investments, etc) records

Insurance documents

Military records

Internet, cable, or satellite records

Vehicle records

Selection of All Star players and Managers

Excerpt from AHLL By Laws 2023:

Section 16 – All-Stars 

Each Manager in Intermediate, Majors, and Triple A will receive a ballot listing all eligible players from all teams with the exception of their own. The Manager will vote at the end of the season for ten players who he/she feels will best represent AHLL on the All Star team. A maximum for four (4) of those players can be from their own team. 

  1. The Player Agent will count the votes. 

  2. Once a team of ten is formed, the Board of Directors will have the option to take one discretionary pick and the All Star Manager will have one pick to form a team of 12. In the event the All Star Manager decides to form a team of 13 players, he/she will be given another Manager’s pick. 

  3. The Board of Directors has the option to pass on their discretionary All Star pick if they so choose. 

  4. All-Star voting is a confidential process. Voting results will not be released until such release is authorized by Little League Baseball Incorporated. 

  5. All-Star votes will be tabulated as follows: 

    1. There will be one (1) 12U All- Star team which will be made up of League Age Twelve (12) and League Age Eleven (11) year olds. The All-Star team Manager will then select the remaining players to complete the roster. This team will be selected first. 

    2. There will be one (1) 10U All-Star team which will be made up of League Age Ten (10) year olds and possibly League Age Nine (9) year olds. The All-Star team Manager will then select the remaining players to complete the all-star team roster. This team will be selected second. 

    3. There may be one (1) 11U All-Star team which will be made up of League Age Eleven (11) year olds. If agreed by the Board of Directors, there will be an All-Star team made up of League Age Eleven (11) & Ten (10) year olds not selected to the 12U Twelve (12) and 10U Ten (10) year old All-Star teams. The All-Star team Manager will select the remaining players on the All-Star team roster. This team will be selected last. 

  6. A parent can turn down an All-Star team with a two (2) year differential age gap. 

  7. The total number of players on All-Star team rosters shall be in accordance with the Official Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball Incorporated. The All-Star Manager shall have sole decision making rights when the Official Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball Incorporated give the All-Star Manager discretion in the number of players on an AllStar team roster. 

  8. The All-Star team Manager for the Twelve (12U), Eleven (11U) and Ten (10U) year old AHLL All- Star team will be Board approved and may not necessarily be the Manager with the best overall record. The Manager of the 1st Place Majors team will be offered the manager role of the 12U All-Star team if approved by the AHLL Board of Directors. The Manager of the 1st place AAA team will be offered the manager role of the 10U All-Star team if approved by the AHLL Board of Directors. The Manager of the 11U All-Star team will be appointed by the Board of Directors. 

  9. If, for any reason, a Manager cannot serve as an All-Star Manager, the AHLL Board of Directors will select the All-Star Manager. 

  10. All-Star coaches of record will be selected by the All-Star Managers. The AHLL Board of Directors encourages and recommends the appointment of the overall second place Manager as one of the All-Star coaches of record. However, this recommendation is discretionary, not mandatory. 

  11. All-Star Managers represent the AHLL, and proper behavior must be shown at all times. The AHLL Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend or remove All- Star managers and/or coaches at any time. 

  12. All-Star teams may receive funds from the AHLL Board of Directors for expenses related to Al-Star teams. The amount of these funds shall be at the discretion of the AHLL Board of Directors. . All-Star managers: 

    1. shall use these funds solely for All-Star related activities, 

    2. shall provide the AHLL Treasurer with a full accounting of the use of these funds upon request, including all receipts of expenses, and 

    3. shall return to the AHLL Treasurer all funds not used.

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