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Welcome to Anaheim Hills Little League Baseball! We would like to be the first to thank you for volunteering as a Manager and/or Assistant Coach.  Your role is vital in both physical and emotional development our youth!  Thank you for all you do and we look forward to working with you this season! 

Please check out the "Managers/Coaches/Scorekeepers" section on our "Forms & Resources" page for further information:

AHLL Forms & Resources- Managers, Coaches, Scorekeepers

Craig Albin
Coaching Coordinator
[email protected]

Manager / Coach Responsibilities

AHLL Managers/Coaches shall strive to:

  1. Develop player physical and mental abilities as related to Little League Baseball.
  2. Teach sportsmanship and its importance to Little League Baseball.
  3. Instill the will to win and the ability to lose.
  4. Motivate performance at full potential.
  5. Avoid the use of vulgar or harsh language.
  6. Behave in a respectful and dignified manner at all times.
  7. Abide by all rules of AHLL and Little League Baseball Incorporated, including all Safety rules.
  8. Hold all discussions with umpires or opposing managers and coaches in a courteous manner, out of the presence of players and spectators.
  9. Cooperate fully with all AHLL functions.
  10. Properly care for and maintain all AHLL property and equipment.
  11. Make sure all players play the proper amount of time, are properly supervised and are given an equal opportunity.
  12. As applicable, provide an official scorekeeper for all home games and provided qualified umpires at the direction of AHLL.
  13. Immediately report all injuries to AHLL.
  14. Use AHLL fields only as directed by AHLL.
  15. Follow AHLL season schedule and field a team.
  16. Appoint one(1) Coach, one (2) Assistant Coaches, (2) Team Umpires, (2) Field Maintenance Crew, and one (1) Team Coordinator.
  17. Provide for Snack Bar representation as directed by AHLL.
  18. Provide proper representation at Field Day.
  19. Acquire team sponsorship as directed by AHLL.
  20. Attend Umpiring and Safety clinics as directed by AHLL.
  21. Full responsibility for the behavior of yourself, your coaches, your players and your parents at the field of play.
  22. Consent to background screening as required by AHLL.
  23. With the aid of the Team Coordinator, properly account for and provide receipts for the use of all team funds.

Batting Cage Rules

1)  All Batting Cage activities must be supervised by a manager or coach.

2)  Only adults shall operate the pitching machines.

3)  For insurance and liability reasons, only Anaheim Hills Little League players are allowed to use the cages.

4)  Only one (1) player is allowed in a cage at a time during hitting.

5)  All players entering a cage must wear batting helmets, even during ball parties.

6)  Any players outside the cages are not to be swinging or have bats in their hands.

7)  Gates should remain closed during hitting.

8) No chewing tobacco allowed anywhere on the fields and no spitting allowed in the cages.

9)  No food, drinks, gum or seeds are allowed in the cages.

10)  Clean up any trash around cages when done using them.

11)  Report any damage or issues regarding cages or equipment to AHLL officials as soon as possible.

12)  Cover pitching machines and lock cages when your team is done.

13)  Any teams not following batting cages rules will lose cages privileges at the discretion of the League.

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