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Welcome to Anaheim Hills Little League

Congratulations AA Giants!

2015 City Tournament Champions

2015 AA City Tournament Champions

Game Status Questions

If you have a question about the status of a scheduled game due to weather, please call the league phone # 714-390-1502 after 2 pm on the day of the game for any game cancellations.

Beware of Thieves!

As the season kicks off, please remember to not leave any valuables in your cars.  In the past, we have had problems with thieves breaking into cars in the parking lot during the games.  Here are a couple of tips to try to avoid the frustration of having your car vandalized:

1) Do not leave any valuables in plain sight in your vehicle.

2) For Mom's specifically, if you bring your purse, take it with you.  If you put it in your trunk once you arrive, the thieves will see that, break into your car and open your trunk.  Even if you put your purse in the trunk before you leave, the thieves will see that you do not have a purse and may assume it is in the Trunk anyways.  Bottom line, take your purse to your game.

3) If you are arriving from work and have a laptop or other electronics, put them in your trunk before you arrive.  Again, if the thieves see you put items in the trunk, that creates and opportunity for them.

4) If you see someone suspicious in the parking lot, please notify the Snack Shack immediately.

Tobacco use at OUSD facilities

As everyone should be aware, the use of any Tobacco products on OUSD facilities is prohibited.

This also extends to E-Cigarettes and any vapor emitting devices that contain Nicotine.  Anyone found using any of these products will be asked to either cease using these products or leave the facilities.

Thanks for your help in this matter.


Below is a link to the minutes of an OUSD board meeting prohibiting these vapor emitting devices.

Board Minutes 2/13/13

Become a Member of our new Website!

Anaheim Hills Little League would like to ask all of our parents to sign up and become members of our new Website provided by Sport NGIN.

As a member, we able to send out group communications and keep you informed about important events happening in the league.  This will also be required next season as we move towards On-Line Registration.

Signing up is quick and easy.  Go to the top left of the home page and click on "Create an Account".  It shoud take less than 1 minute to complete.

Thanks for your support

AHLL Board.

    Yorba Hills Field Location

    Bryant Ranch Elementary

    Yorba East Field location

    Travis Ranch Elementary


    Anaheim Hills Little League
    PO Box 17605
    Anaheim Hills, CA 92817-7605
    Ph 714-390-1502
    E-mail: anaheimhillsll@yahoo.com

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    District 30 website

    Crescent Field Condition Hotline: 714-390-1502
    Toyon, Anaheim Hills Elem & Yorba Regional Practice Field Condition Hotline: 714-765-5242
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